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Title Publication Date
Fateful Errors City Journal November 6, 2023
Iraq is in political turmoil again. Why is Biden missing in action? Fox News August 31, 2022
Biden confronts Saudi Prince on Khashoggi's murder Fox News July 16, 2022
Biden heads to Saudi Arabia with a mission to kiss and make up Fox News July 14, 2022
Israel-Palestinian conflict – why violence has real consequences for Israel's Arabs, Hamas Fox News May 13, 2021
Biden's actions on Syria, Saudi Arabia, signal a new day in the Middle East in 2 major ways Fox News March 1, 2021
Israel (over?)reacts to the virus New York Daily News March 6, 2020
Bibi's Next Act City Journal March 4, 2020
Oman's Sultan Was a Valuable Friend to America The Wall Street Journal January 12, 2020
The Caliphate Plods On City Journal November 1, 2019
Trump claims victory in Syria – but what did he really bring about? Fox News October 24, 2019
Trump's Syria move all wrong - It jeopardizes costly victory over ISIS, betrays the Kurds Fox News October 7, 2019
US should have fixed the Iran nuclear deal rather than kill it Fox News June 25, 2019
To protect against Iranian attacks, US should be ready to escort oil tankers Fox News June 15, 2019
Is a Military Confrontation Between the United States and Iran Becoming Inevitable? Carnegie Middle East Center May 15, 2019
Trump sends Iran a message with military moves in the Middle East -- let's hope Iran hears him Fox News May 7, 2019
Saudis offer pathetic explanation of Khashoggi death to preserve ties to US and clear crown prince Fox News October 20, 2018
No Safe Haven City Journal October 9, 2018
Stay the Course Against ISIS City Journal May 30, 2018
Trump's Iran deal move splits America from its European allies -- that's a problem Fox News May 9, 2018
Trump says 'Mission Accomplished' in Syria but his broader strategy is still hard to discern Fox News April 15, 2018
Jerusalem, Now and Eternal City Journal December 7, 2017
Terrorist attack in Egypt shows government's anti-terrorism strategy isn't working Fox News November 24, 2017
Trump's Iran Deal decision -- it could have been worse Fox News October 13, 2017
A Killing in Amman Portends More Animosity Between Israel and Jordan Tablet August 3, 2017
How Jerusalem's Top Cop Keeps the Peace The Wall Street Journal July 21, 2017
Is Israel Catching Up Too Late to a Major Strategic Threat from Iran? Tablet June 27, 2017
Challenges Trump's Middle East plan faces Fox News May 21, 2017
Trump, Egypt and the future Fox News April 11, 2017
Syria airstrikes: The critical message Trump sent to North Korea, China and Russia Fox News April 7, 2017
Syria, Trump's first national security test, needs more than tough tweets Fox News April 5, 2017
An Arab disgrace – Middle Eastern leaders snub Shimon Peres one last time Fox News September 29, 2016
'To the End of the Land' Is Israel's Hottest Ticket Tablet July 6, 2016
Moshe Ya'alon Says He'll Challenge Netanyahu in Next Election Tablet June 16, 2016
The next US victory in Iraq may just mean another crisis New York Post May 16, 2016
Egypt: The State of Tourism Departures March 15, 2016
IAEA nuclear agreement meeting: Will Iran honor its promises? Fox News December 14, 2015
Egypt claims it's safe after Russian jet crash, but won't call it terror Fox News November 18, 2015
Biased coverage of Israeli-Palestinian 'violence' Fox News October 16, 2015
Obama meeting with Putin snubs ally Egypt The Washington Times September 27, 2015
Are Iranian Military Bases Off-Limits to Inspection? RealClearPolitics September 8, 2015
Why Those Secret Iran Side Deals Matter RealClearPolitics August 24, 2015
How Congress Could Make the Iran Deal Work RealClearPolitics August 5, 2015
Iran deal: The best worst option Fox News July 16, 2015
Turkey's election results were a big surprise. What's next? Fox News June 9, 2015
Turkey general election: What's at stake and why it matters Fox News June 5, 2015
The Iraq War and Stubborn Myths Wall Street Journal April 3, 2015
ISIS threat: America ignores growing anarchy in Iraq at its peril Fox News October 15, 2014
The risks of Israel's Gaza incursion Fox News July 18, 2014
A dramatic shift in Middle East alliances: Egypt, Israel and Hamas Fox News July 17, 2014
Iraq's future: Will country break apart? Fox News July 3, 2014
Bloody history repeating in Iraq New York Daily News June 19, 2014
Surprising allies against terror in the Middle East Fox News May 30, 2014
Egypt's leader urges America to reinstate military aid for fight against terror Fox News April 23, 2014
Syria's lost generation Fox News March 18, 2014
'Omar' and 'Bethlehem' Tell the Same Story - But Only One Was Nominated for an Oscar Tablet Magazine March 5, 2014
Remembering Ariel Sharon -- a great man who defied stereotypes Fox News January 11, 2014
Don't expect a new Middle East war between the states, says Israel's Shimon Peres Fox News September 23, 2013
The Pharaohs Cheer 'People's Coup' NewsMax July 9, 2013
Egypt Spring, Phase Two City Journal July 2, 2013
The Pharaoh Weeps City Journal April 4, 2013
A Sightseeing Suggestion for the President The Wall Street Journal March 20, 2013
Terror at the Oscars Tablet Magazine February 11, 2013
Obama Warns Syria's Assad: Chemical Weapons Are 'Totally Unacceptable' NewsMax December 4, 2012
The Arab Winter begins The Washington Examiner September 20, 2012
Keeping Americans safe as Arab civil wars rage in the Middle East Fox News September 17, 2012
Turn it up The Daily July 30, 2012
Key Syrian officials' deaths suggest regime on verge of collapse Fox News July 18, 2012
Will the US keep its commitment to help those who helped us in Iraq? Fox News June 18, 2012
Now what for Egypt? Fox News May 26, 2012
Egyptians Vote for President as Islam's Role Hangs in Balance NewsMax May 24, 2012
Syrian Rebels Struggle to Overcome Infighting and Inexperience NewsMax May 23, 2012
Small-money politics The Daily May 23, 2012
Egypt votes this week - what nation will emerge? The New York Post May 20, 2012
Assad nods to peace plan, but aims to stay in power at all cost Fox News March 27, 2012
Hezbollah, Iran Agents Scouting U.S. Targets for Terrorist Strikes NewsMax March 22, 2012
As thousands die in Syria, Assad and his wife share sweet nothings on e-mail Fox News March 16, 2012
Marie Colvin died as she lived -- with courage and compassion Fox News February 22, 2012
Is the media pushing for war? Fox News February 16, 2012
Dramatic escalation between Israel, Iran Fox News February 14, 2012
A Bastion of American Values in the Arab Middle East Minding the Campus February 10, 2012
5 minutes to midnight The Daily February 8, 2012
Egypt on the Brink NewsMax February 7, 2012
Herzliya Diary Tablet Magazine January 31, 2012
The view from the Gulf: America's quiet go-between speaks Fox News January 31, 2012
How many have to die? The Daily January 12, 2012
Bias Bash: End of the Iraq War Fox News December 15, 2011
Reading the mullahs' minds The Daily December 6, 2011
Will Winners In Egypt Inherit an Economic Disaster? Fox News November 28, 2011
Solid bonds The Daily November 6, 2011
Disarming Militias Must Be Priority in Libya NewsMax October 21, 2011
Libya's prospects, after Qaddafi's killing WLS 890AM October 20, 2011
Will Democracy Prevail In Libya? Fox News October 20, 2011
Toasting Victory in Teheran Fox News October 15, 2011
Coptic cross to bear The Daily October 12, 2011
Saudi Women Can Vote but Face Long Road (Without a Driver's License) to Equality Fox News September 26, 2011
Levanon Speaks Tablet Magazine September 14, 2011
Syria Sanctions Heat Up Fox News August 19, 2011
What's Next for Syria? Fox News August 18, 2011
Tell him to go The Daily August 13, 2011
Curtains Up for Arab Despots The Wall Street Journal August 8, 2011
While the U.S. has been debating the debt ceiling, storm clouds have gathered over the Mideast New York Daily News August 3, 2011
International Criminal Court's Arrest Warrants Guarantee That Qaddafi Won't Be Leaving Libya Any Time Soon Fox News June 27, 2011
Netanyahu vs. Obama Fox News May 25, 2011
On Arab-Israeli Conflict Obama Manages to Infuriate Almost Everyone Fox News May 20, 2011
The Libyan Opposition Makes Its Case The Wall Street Journal May 19, 2011
Get home to Egypt! The New York Post May 17, 2011
Revolution in the Square City Journal Spring 2011
Not Everyone Ignored Khomeini's Radical Philosophy The Wall Street Journal April 13, 2011
Keep an eye on Cairo The Daily April 10, 2011
Al Qaeda Capitalizing on 'Arab Spring' to Build Power and Shore Up Weaknesses Fox News April 8, 2011
Musa Kusa: Bad People Sometimes Get a Pass NewsMax April 5, 2011
3 Questions Obama Needs to Answer In His Speech About Libya Fox News March 28, 2011
Is There an End in Sight for Libya? Fox News March 23, 2011
In Libya Dance, Obama Following Lead of Women Warriors Fox News March 21, 2011
Obama Finally Takes Tough Stand on Libya Fox News March 18, 2011
On Gitmo, Libya and Even Gas, Obama Says One Thing and Does Another Fox News March 8, 2011
Gaddafi's Son's Sham Exposed The Daily Beast March 2, 2011
It's Up to Obama to End Libyan Slaughter Fox News February 26, 2011
Egyptian Army Calls Up Military Reservists to Help Keep Peace Fox News February 14, 2011
Herzliya Diary III Tablet Magazine February 11, 2011
Herzliya Diary II Tablet Magazine February 8, 2011
Herzliya Diary Tablet Magazine February 7, 2011
How Hosni Mubarak lost his soul... and all of Egypt New York Daily News February 6, 2011
Mubarak May Be Forced to End Days in Exile Fox News February 4, 2011
American Influence Rapidly Waning in Egypt NewsMax February 2, 2011
Mubarak Finds a Strong Ally in Israel Fox News February 1, 2011
Amid Calls for His Ouster, Allies Could Turn Their Backs on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Fox News January 31, 2011
Obama Administration Must Balance Egypt's Repressive Government and Push for Democracy Fox News January 28, 2011
U.S. Sending Envoy to Consult on Tunisian Elections NewsMax January 23, 2011
Tunisia Upheaval Sparks Anxiety Across Arab World Fox News January 18, 2011
State of Play City Journal November 11, 2010
Yemen Is Becoming the New Afghanistan NewsMax October 30, 2010
Who Invited You? Ahmadinejad Visits Lebanon Fox News October 13, 2010
Sen. Lieberman: Use force "if me must" to stop Iran nuclear weapon Fox News: Studio B September 29, 2010
Hanging by a thread New York Daily News August 22, 2010
Fueling of Iranian Nuclear Reactor Raises New Fears Fox News: Studio B August 20, 2010
More Than 5 Reasons Why Israel Won't Strike Iran Anytime Soon Fox News August 19, 2010
Will Iraq Fall Victim to the Oil Curse? The Wall Street Journal August 9, 2010
Leaked Docs: Iran Supplied Weapons to Afghan Militants Fox News: Studio B July 27, 2010
Turkey Turns Against America The New York Post June 3, 2010
Israel's Censorship Scandal The Daily Beast April 3, 2010
Suspects in Plot on Saudi Sites Took Orders From Al Qaeda in Yemen, Official Says Fox News March 25, 2010
The gulf in the Persian Gulf The Los Angeles Times March 18, 2010
Stop the clash between U.S. and Israel The Washington Examiner March 17, 2010
A Courageous Voice Silenced In the Middle East Fox News March 11, 2010
Against All Odds - In Iraq and Hollywood Fox News March 8, 2010
Saudi Bloggers Shatter the Kingdom's Silence and Censorship Fox News March 4, 2010
Assassination Tango Tablet Magazine February 22, 2010
Former Gitmo Prisoner, Rehabilitated in Saudi Arabia, May Soon be Released Fox News February 16, 2010
Herzliya Diary Tablet Magazine February 4, 2010
Teen Recruited by Al Qaeda to Bomb Western Target in Yemen, Sources Say Fox News January 6, 2010
Iran's Courageous Dissidents Need Our Support Fox News November 4, 2009
No way home: The tragedy of the Palestinian diaspora The Independent October 22, 2009
Life After the Bombs The Daily Beast October 16, 2009
Arab states' crimes against Palestinians New York Daily News October 13, 2009
Strike or Sanctions? Fox News: Studio B October 2, 2009
After the brutal crackdown in Iran, a ray of light for real reform New York Daily News June 28, 2009
Iran: What Next? Fox News: Studio B June 23, 2009
What's Next In Iran? Fox News June 21, 2009
Obama's Muslim Speech: Silkiness and Steel The New York Post June 5, 2009
Is Obama's Cairo speech a signal of fading U.S.-Israel alliance? Fox News June 4, 2009
Beirut's Fragile Peace The Daily Beast March 20, 2009
U.N. Report: Iran has enough fuel to build a nuclear weapon Fox News February 20, 2009
Rebuilding Iraq: The significance of peaceful elections Fox News February 2, 2009
U.S. denied Israeli request for aid in fighting Iranian nuclear complex Fox News January 11, 2009
Past, Present, and Future of the Middle East Conflict Fox News January 4, 2009
Shattered Peace The Daily Beast December 26, 2008
Saddam's Cousin "Chemical Ali" Gets 2nd Death Sentence Fox News December 2, 2008
Iraqi Militants Becoming Citizens Readers Digest July 2008
Obamamania in Damascus City Journal June 3, 2008
Anti-Jihad U. City Journal May 2, 2008
Iraq Quandaries City Journal April 21, 2008
Stuck in the middle Los Angeles Times April 20, 2008
Defender of the Faith The New York Sun February 11, 2008
Israel's Lesson in War The New York Sun January 11, 2008
Abu Dhabi: East Leans West City Journal Winter 2008
A Conversation with Shimon Peres City Journal July 25, 2007
Veteran The Wall Street Journal July 21, 2007
Interview with Massoud Barzani The Wall Street Journal October 28, 2006
Locked Up in Tripoli The Wall Street Journal September 5, 2006
Gadhafi's Leap of Faith The Wall Street Journal May 17, 2006
How Gadhafi Lost His Groove The Wall Street Journal May 16, 2006

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Unrest In Iran: Why Obama Must Proceed With Caution Blog June 16, 2009
Iran's Fishy Election Is Trouble for Obama Blog June 14, 2009
Don't Speak: What We Don't Want to Hear in Obama's Muslim Speech Blog June 3, 2009
An Honorable Withdrawal Blog February 28, 2009
Diplomacy 101: The Damascus-Washington Dance Blog February 26, 2009
Nuclear Potholes on the Road to Damascus Blog February 24, 2009
Cause for Calm Celebration In Iraq and Somewhere in Texas George Bush is Smiling Blog January 31, 2009
Israel’s Goals and Hezbollah’s Hand Blog December 31, 2008
Obama vs. McCain: Worried In Israel Blog November 3, 2008

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East: 1776 to the Present
by Michael B. Oren
The New York Sun February 14, 2007
God Has Ninety-Nine Names: Reporting from a Militant Middle East
by Judith Miller
The New York Times May 20, 1996
God Has Ninety-Nine Names: Reporting from a Militant Middle East
by Judith Miller
Publishers Weekly April 1, 1996
Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf
by Judith Miller and Laurie Mylroie
Foreign Affairs Spring 1991

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