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Biden's Afghanistan challenges ahead after Zawahiri's death
Aug 2, 2022

Against Russia, Ukraine will lose a war of attrition
Aug 1, 2022

Palm Beach, Invaded
Jul 22, 2022

Biden heads to Saudi Arabia with a mission to kiss and make up
Jul 14, 2022

Putin may soon face one of his worst strategic nightmares
Apr 26, 2022

If Biden's timidity led Putin to invade Ukraine, what about his next threat?
Mar 27, 2022

Rushing for the Exits - for Now
Mar 14, 2022

Putin's nuclear blackmail of Ukraine and the West continues
Mar 5, 2022

Biden should speak directly to Russian people, ask them to denounce Putin's Ukraine war
Mar 3, 2022

Vladimir Putin leader is not crazy, he's consistent
Mar 1, 2022

Putin's aggression behind sea change in Ukrainian attitudes toward Russia
Jan 29, 2022

Biden and Pope Francis meet as the Vatican welcomes visitors post-COVID
Oct 30, 2021

Biden and his generals tell two very different stories about Afghanistan. Which one's true?
Sep 29, 2021

Biden double crosses France – president's errors have allies questioning his competence
Sep 19, 2021

Remembering and fearing 9/11 here in Kiev, Ukraine
Sep 11, 2021

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