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Title Publication Date
Unity of Necessity City Journal October 25, 2023
How could RFK Jr weaken Biden's bid for re-election? Fox News May 27, 2023
Democrats are looking for 'breathing room' in Georgia Senate runoff Fox News November 26, 2022
Biden agenda is at stake this midterm election Fox News November 5, 2022
Democrats look to alternative 2024 candidates as Biden's popularity slips Fox News October 16, 2022
Political panel on whether GOP, Democrats face more trouble in the 2022 midterms Fox News October 15, 2022
This is why Democrats are worried over the midterms Fox News September 17, 2022
Trump attorneys vow 4th Amendment challenge to search Fox News August 20, 2022
Biden confronts Saudi Prince on Khashoggi's murder Fox News July 16, 2022
Filibuster splits Democrats as Biden pursues codified abortion rights Fox News July 3, 2022
Gun control legislation 'depends on the Republicans' following Texas school shooting Fox News May 29, 2022
Mariupol mayor says this is 'the new Auschwitz' as Putin's assault on Ukraine continues Fox News April 7, 2022
Biden gave a 'remarkable' speech in Poland, he spoke to the Russians Fox News March 27, 2022
Putin's 'nuclear blackmail' meant to break Ukrainians' morale Fox News March 7, 2022
Russia-Ukraine war: If Kyiv falls, where does Zelensky go? Fox News March 7, 2022
Russia-Ukraine war: How does the world prevent Putin from winning? Fox News March 7, 2022
Something has changed in Putin Fox News February 27, 2022
Pentagon addresses extremism in military Fox News December 25, 2021
Democrats' defund police movement 'killing' law enforcement Fox News August 5, 2021
Taliban is mounting Afghanistan takeover: reports Fox News June 27, 2021
Should Biden get a pass for his 'unusual' behavior? Fox News June 25, 2021
Ilhan Omar equates US to Hamas, the Taliban Fox News June 8, 2021
VP Harris' trip to Latin America a 'tremendous opportunity' Fox News June 6, 2021
Majority of US Congress members from New York call on Cuomo to resign Fox News March 14, 2021
Biden plans dozens of exec orders in first 10 days of presidency Fox News January 17, 2021
How much is Trump's rhetoric to blame for Capitol Hill riots? Fox News January 7, 2021
GOP opposition to Biden victory grows as fate of Senate hangs in balance Fox News January 6, 2021
Warnock projected to defeat Loeffler in Georgia Senate race Fox News January 6, 2021
The 117th Congress will be very different from anything seen before Fox News January 3, 2021
Trump urges supporters to vote in key Georgia Senate runoff Fox News December 6, 2020
Obama comments show Democrats split over 'defund the police' movement Fox News December 3, 2020
What will progressives do as Biden's cabinet picks appear to be more moderate? Fox News November 25, 2020
Chicago mayor faces backlash over new stay-at-home orders Fox News November 14, 2020
Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on 'defund the police' Fox News November 14, 2020
Will Republicans take the House and hold the Senate? Fox News November 4, 2020
Will early voters top 100 million? Fox News November 3, 2020
Reopening too soon risks coronavirus second wave or spike, evidence suggests Fox News October 3, 2020
Judith Miller on Pelosi salon fallout: It's not Trump's place to talk about her hair Fox News September 4, 2020
President Trump appears to defend actions of teen accused of killing two protesters in Kenosha Fox News September 1, 2020
Should federal officers be used to calm protests in cities Fox News July 22, 2020
Trump revs up base, takes advantage of divisive climate Fox News July 7, 2020
Is Joe Biden the new Michael Dukakis? Fox News July 7, 2020
Trump to issue executive order protecting public monuments and statues Fox News June 23, 2020
Charlie Hurt, Judith Miller weigh in on 2020 presidential campaign Fox News June 19, 2020
Biden remains silent on sexual assault allegation Fox News April 29, 2020
Comparing coronavirus pandemic to past outbreaks of major illnesses Fox News March 19, 2020
How COVID-19 compares to previous outbreaks Fox News March 15, 2020
Mideast hoping for 'Goldilocks response' from Iran following US strike on Qassem Soleimani Fox News January 6, 2020
US strike on Iranian Gen. Soleimani reinforces European allies' views about President Trump Fox News January 6, 2020
Ambassador Sondland appears for closed-door deposition on Ukraine probe Fox News October 17, 2019
RNC aims to use impeachment inquiry against vulnerable House Democrats in 2020 Fox News October 1, 2019
Political fallout from Ukraine controversy for Biden and Trump Fox News September 24, 2019
Why Jeffrey Epstein's death should trouble every American Fox News August 19, 2019
Will Robert Mueller stay on script? Fox News July 23, 2019
Yes, Donald Trump's tweets about the "Squad" are racist... Fox News July 16, 2019
US should have fixed the Iran nuclear deal rather than kill it Fox News June 25, 2019
Biden campaign responds to President Trump's criticism, faces questions about 'enthusiasm gap' in 2020 race Fox News May 28, 2019
The Trump White House is trying to goad Democrats into impeachment proceedings Fox News May 21, 2019
Will there be more investigations into the Trump administration following the Mueller report? Fox News March 24, 2019
Khashoggi case could lead to strain with Saudis Fox News October 15, 2018
Former Senate aide James Wolfe arrested for lying to FBI Fox News June 8, 2018
Jared Kushner: 'It's politics' Fox News December 3, 2017
Have Americans grown numb to gun control debate? Fox News November 6, 2017
Gen. John Kelly's new challenges Fox News July 30, 2017
Challenges Trump's Middle East plan faces Fox News May 21, 2017
Our country depends on leaks Fox News May 17, 2017
Eric Shawn reports: Carter Page: 'I am a loyal American.' Fox News April 23, 2017
Rumors of big WH senior staff shakeup amid infighting Fox News April 10, 2017
Should media take Trump's taunts personally? Fox News December 2, 2016
Should media consider source of leaked Clinton emails? Fox News October 21, 2016
Donald Trump prepares new attack on media, Clinton campaign Fox News October 14, 2016
Is the FLOTUS Clinton's campaign 'closer'? Fox News October 14, 2016
How is the media covering the Hoboken train crash? Fox News September 30, 2016
Miller on inaccurate sources, Iraq invasion MSNBC: Morning Joe April 20, 2015
Judith Miller: Obama criminalizing news-gathering The Jerusalem Post June 6, 2013
Judith Miller not hopeful for FoxNews.com reporter facing jail time for not revealing source Fox News April 8, 2013
A Fox News Reporter Could Be Jailed For Protecting Her Sources, And Nobody Seems To Care BuzzFeed April 6, 2013
Media handling of national security leak issue Fox News June 8, 2012
Media down on Obama? Fox News April 26, 2012
Bias Bash: Pulitzers for nothing? Fox News April 20, 2012
Congress to investigate secret service prostitution scandal Fox News April 15, 2012
Poll: Reagan & Clinton best of recent presidents Fox News February 20, 2012
Santorum: I was not questioning the President's Christianity Fox News February 19, 2012
Media handling of Whitney Houston's death Fox News February 17, 2012
Is the media pushing for war? Fox News February 16, 2012
Dramatic escalation between Israel, Iran Fox News February 14, 2012
Media Target: Newt Fox News December 17, 2011
Bias Bash: End of the Iraq War Fox News December 15, 2011
Boy Suspended From School After Calling Teacher 'Cute' Fox News December 12, 2011
Bachmann: Girls Don't Ask Guys Out on Dates Fox News December 11, 2011
Bias Bash: Media Reaction to Herman Cain Fox News December 1, 2011
FAA Crafting Rules for Drone Planes in U.S. Fox News: Fox & Friends November 27, 2011
Evelyn Lauder Dies of Ovarian Cancer at Age 75 Fox News November 14, 2011
Bachmann Campaign Accuses CBS News of Bias Fox News November 13, 2011
Elmo: New Weapon in War on Terror? Fox News: Fox & Friends November 3, 2011
Libya's prospects, after Qaddafi's killing WLS 890AM October 20, 2011
Syria Sanctions Heat Up Fox News August 19, 2011
Bin Laden Is Dead: What's Next? Fox News May 4, 2011
Is There an End in Sight for Libya? Fox News March 23, 2011
NPR's Left-Leaning Coverage? Fox News: Bias Bash March 9, 2011
Saudi Bomb Plotter Faces Federal Court Fox News February 26, 2011
U.S. Intel Reports Less Optimistic on Afghan War Fox News: Studio B December 16, 2010
Afghan President Admits Receiving "Bags of Money" from Iran Fox News October 27, 2010
Bill Patrick III, U.S. Bio-Terror Expert Dies Fox News: Fox and Friends October 13, 2010
Sen. Lieberman: Use force "if me must" to stop Iran nuclear weapon Fox News: Studio B September 29, 2010
Federal shield law is needed to protect your right to know Reno Gazette-Journal August 24, 2010
Fueling of Iranian Nuclear Reactor Raises New Fears Fox News: Studio B August 20, 2010
Leaked Docs: Iran Supplied Weapons to Afghan Militants Fox News: Studio B July 27, 2010
Gates' Classified Memo Leak Fox News April 20, 2010
Strike or Sanctions? Fox News: Studio B October 2, 2009
Iran: What Next? Fox News: Studio B June 23, 2009
Is Obama's Cairo speech a signal of fading U.S.-Israel alliance? Fox News June 4, 2009
Is a new kind of networking inspiring and directing homegrown terror? Fox News: Live Desk May 22, 2009
Some 'Enchanted' Evening Fox News May 2, 2009
Swine Flu: Are we ready? Fox News: Studio B April 27, 2009
Hallmark Holiday? Fox News April 26, 2009
Interrogation Memos Fox News April 26, 2009
Weighing in on Torture Fox News: Studio B April 22, 2009
Pundititis The New York Times April 15, 2009
New Obama AfPak Strategy: Focus on beating Al Qaeda and its Taliban Allies Fox News March 30, 2009
Panel on President Obama's Health Care Push; Iran's Nuclear Ambition Fox News: Special Report March 6, 2009
U.N. Report: Iran has enough fuel to build a nuclear weapon Fox News February 20, 2009
Rebuilding Iraq: The significance of peaceful elections Fox News February 2, 2009
Will Timothy Geithner be Treasury Secretary? Fox News: Fox and Friends January 18, 2009
Osama bin Laden's latest recording Fox News: Studio B January 14, 2009
Is Hillary Clinton getting a free pass? Fox News: Your World January 13, 2009
U.S. denied Israeli request for aid in fighting Iranian nuclear complex Fox News January 11, 2009
Security Overhaul Fox News January 8, 2009
Past, Present, and Future of the Middle East Conflict Fox News January 4, 2009
A Look Forward Fox News: Fox and Friends December 28, 2008
Saddam's Cousin "Chemical Ali" Gets 2nd Death Sentence Fox News December 2, 2008
President-Elect Obama Names Hillary Clinton to State Post Fox News December 1, 2008
Judith Miller Gets Fox News Slot, Holds No Grudges About 'NYT' Exit Editor & Publisher October 21, 2008
Judith Miller to join Fox News as contributor Crain's New York Business October 20, 2008
Interview with Judith Miller and Tariq Ali GRITtv September 18, 2008
Hunting bin Laden PBS Frontline September 12, 2008
I've Got a Secret The Wall Street Journal June 25, 2008
I'd defend Harry Potter leakers' rights 'to the death,' jokes Judy Miller The Raw Story July 18, 2007
Was Judith Miller's Trip to Jail Necessary? New York Law Journal April 6, 2007
Former New York Times Reporter Testifies in Trial of Men With Alleged Hamas Links The New York Sun November 14, 2006
Former N.Y. Times reporter decries Bush policies The Topeka Capital-Journal November 11, 2006
News War: Interview with Judith Miller PBS Frontline July 13, 2006
Miller Presses for Shield Law, Gets Warm Ovation in Vegas Associated Press October 18, 2005
Freed Reporter Says She Upheld Principles The New York Times October 4, 2005
Times Statements on Judith Miller's Release The New York Times September 30, 2005
Jailed Times Reporter Freed After Source Waives Confidentiality The New York Times September 29, 2005
The Secret Trial of Judith Miller Reason August 10, 2005
Leading by Example The New York Times August 8, 2005
Judith Miller in Jail: Principle vs. Politics The Washington Post August 2, 2005
Steiger, Brokaw visit Miller in prison, present message from CPJ Committee to Protect Journalists July 28, 2005
We're Not in Watergate Anymore The New York Times July 10, 2005
Taiwan's Chen Blasts U.S. Over Judith Miller Jailing NewsMax July 10, 2005
Reporter Jailed After Refusing to Name Source The New York Times July 7, 2005
Prosecutor in Leak Case Calls for Reporters' Jailing The New York Times July 6, 2005
Go Directly to Jail The New York Times July 3, 2005
Reporters Facing Jail Time Submit Preferences The New York Times July 2, 2005
Free Press: Jailing the truth Seattle Post-Intelligencer June 29, 2005
NEWS SOURCES: Refusal to hear case puts new emphasis on need for a federal 'shield law' Orange County Register June 28, 2005
Reporters without Borders denounces a "retrograde and freedom-curtailing decision" Reporters Without Borders June 27, 2005

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Austerity Debates Continue in Greece Fox Business June 27, 2011
Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War
by Judith Miller
Publishers Weekly July 1, 2002
God Has Ninety-Nine Names: Reporting from a Militant Middle East
by Judith Miller
The New York Times May 20, 1996
God Has Ninety-Nine Names: Reporting from a Militant Middle East
by Judith Miller
Publishers Weekly April 1, 1996
Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf
by Judith Miller and Laurie Mylroie
Orbis Spring 1991
Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf
by Judith Miller and Laurie Mylroie
Foreign Affairs Spring 1991
One, by One, by One: Facing the Holocaust
by Judith Miller
Entertainment Weekly May 25, 1990
One, by One, by One: Facing the Holocaust
by Judith Miller
The New York Times May 18, 1990

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