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Getting Their Money's Worth

September 27, 2023  •  City Journal

The recently concluded 78th session of the United Nations in New York provides proof, if more were needed, that the world is unlikely to be a better place if China ends up running it.

Like Russian president Vladimir Putin, Chinese president Xi Jinping didn't bother to attend the annual UN gathering. He didn't need to be there. Though the United States remains the world's (and the UN's) largest financier of humanitarian and development aid, China already exercises disproportionate influence within the premier global governance body.

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Are Biden's Economic Policies a Version of 'Trump 2.0'?

September 7, 2023  •  The Messenger

Since inflation's pace has slowed and growth has accelerated, President Biden has embraced as his own what once was a Republican slur on his economic policies — "Bidenomics." Though few commentators seem to have noticed, Bidenomics bears a striking resemblance to "America First," the economic programs of former President Donald Trump that helped endear him to so many working-class voters.

"While they are motivated by radically different agendas," says Byron Wien, vice chairman of Blackstone's Private Wealth Solutions division, "Trump's and Biden's economic policies have striking parallels."

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Can Sanctions Bring Moscow to Its Knees?

August 9, 2023  •  City Journal

Backed by the United States and its allies, Ukraine is waging two wars against Russia. The first is an all-consuming military campaign against Russian forces to reclaim the fifth of Ukrainian territory that Russia has seized since the 2014 war and its barbaric invasion of February 2022. The second is an economic war the likes of which haven't been seen since the 1940s, aimed at crippling Russia's $1.8 trillion economy, the world's eleventh-largest. So far, neither war is going as well as hoped.

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What most analysts are still missing in leaked Pentagon documents case

April 11, 2023  •  Fox News

As a journalist, I sometimes favor leaks – even of classified material – since far too many mundane government documents continue to be classified top secret and Americans are often denied information they should have in the name of protecting national security.

But as an American who cares deeply both about the nation's global standing and Ukraine's survival, I'm worried about the mysterious leak of a cache of potentially hundreds of Pentagon documents marked "secret" and "top secret," but not for the reason most analysts now cite.

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See You Soon, Alligator

March 1, 2023  •  City Journal

"Listen up, New York—Florida sucks, and you'll all be back in five years." So proclaimed New York Post reporter Steve Cuozzo last June, after the flight south of hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens from the Empire State. Many have found refuge in Florida, which prides itself on generous tax laws, low crime, a pro-business environment, unobtrusive pandemic policies, an anti-woke ethos, and general ease of life.

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